Chapter One of Crowned Worthy

Crowned Worthy Book

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Crowned Worthy Book

Book Reviews

"This dystopian style novel had me hooked from the start. The small contrasts to reality were relatable and had a 'black mirror' vibe to the storyline." Amazon Reviewer

"Dystopian perfection...everything about this book was brilliant." Amazon Reviewer

Crowned Worthy Blurb

Ajay often wondered where Tulo would be without the invention of SkipSleep. Back when people used to sleep more, progress was so much slower.

Then after SkipSleep, the City just flew. Ajay Ambers is the perfect Tulo citizen. His climbing merit score, prestigious job, and a host of merit-making friends, all help him get closer to the Glorified Quarters - home to the most Worthy in Tulo.

With a Glorified-born girlfriend at his side and a natural talent for technology, Ajay happily settles into the life of success and ambition, without the fear of becoming Unworthy.

However, as the true brutality of the system takes hold, will that fear ultimately destroy him?

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