You may remember one of my first ever blog posts entitled A Wonderful Gift. In it, I share about the present I gave my Gran for her 90th birthday.

"The Mad Midwife of Mobberley" is a small book full of family memories and some funny stories about my Gran's time as a district midwife in Cheshire. I wrote it alongside some other family memories. In fact, it's been updated! Complete with photos and a new chapter about Gran breaking her arm again and ending up stuck in her garden bushes. More on that another time...

Gran being the well-connected lady she is, seems to have caused quite a stir in the local community with the little book. As a result of her network and Dad's hard work to print more copies, Gran has raised over £350 in sales! She has donated the money to a local hospice who cared for my Grandad before he died. This has now got some press attention.

Article in the Macclesfield Express

So touching and thoughtful. Here is a extract from the article, published in both the Macclesfield Express and the Knutsford Guardian:

"Harold Horry only spent 15 hours as a patient at East Cheshire Hospice before he died in 2012, but it was long enough for the team leave a lasting impression on his family.

They have never forgotten the care the former AstraZeneca employee received in his final hours aged 86.

So much so that wife Barbara, from Mobberley, has donated proceeds from a book of family memoirs to the charity to say thank you."

I feel very grateful to God for giving me my love of writing and the ability to share it with others. Also thanks to my fabulous Gran!