Ok, so here we go, life is changing.

I've have a pretty long break from writing intensely, blogging and doing any sort of promotions for my novels. There's been a lot of family stuff, work stuff, church stuff, and just more, you guessed it, stuff. That's the issue a lot of the time, there's so much stuff that it's easy to lose focus on what we're passionate about and what we're supposed to be doing. But, all that aside for a moment, I have some news.

Over the last three years, writing has captured my heart. I now see a story in everything. Every book has become a different source of inspiration. Every character a new window to my own creative explorations. In 2019, I started working on the Merit-Hunters Series, the first two of which are now published. The third is in manuscript form and has been delayed for various reasons - more of that stuff we talked about earlier. I've been doing this while working four days a week in a marketing job, which I have really enjoyed. But over the last few months, I have felt a call to take my writing more seriously and so with serious prayer and consideration, I've left my job.

Dramatic pause and a chance for you to gasp theatrically.

I know. Madness.

On the face of it, it does seem pretty mad. Going self-employed in a craft I know I've not yet excelled at. However, I am at that time of life where I have the opportunity to try. So, from January, call me full-time writer!

I'm hoping to finish the series off and see where Ajay and Genni go in the next two novels (yes, there's four in total), as well as pursuing some new stories.

I'd like to think I can get my book selling prowess out in full force but if I'm honest, I'm trying hard not to think about that aspect. The real ambition is for people to read my stories and gain something positive from them, whether that's joy, a life lesson, a challenge, an encouragement, or whatever.

So there's a little update from me and there's more to come. Sorry I've been so quiet but here's to more writing days ahead! I'll leave you with one of my favourite bible verses at the moment, encouraging me to get through all of that stuff life throws at me.

5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
   never will I forsake you.”[a

Hebrews 13:5