I never thought myself much of a writer, but when I was made redundant in June 2019, I believe God gave me a passion for it that challenged and inspired me into making stories. These have often been stories that reflect some of the struggles I’ve had or seen in young people transitioning into adult life, especially when it comes to where we see our value.

I’ve always enjoyed futuristic, other-worldly literature such as the genres of dystopias, sci-fi and cyberpunk. What was a hobby soon turned into a dystopian, futuristic world where I could exaggerate aspects of the working world today.

So, The Merit-Hunter Series started to come alive in my mind and God has shown me so much about myself and how much He loves us through it. Whilst in recent years, most mainstream dystopian works have been classed as ‘Young Adult’ or for a teenage audience, my imaginings are aimed more at those who are starting adult life, so ‘New Adult.’  Let’s be honest, adult life is hard and there are things no-one really tells you about. I mean, why don’t they teach us about mortgages in school? That’s a separate matter...

With inspirations from real life and biblical/faith-based ideas, the series kicks off in Crowned Worthy which will introduce you to the world of Tulo. There’s a City and the Country, and another community called the Side. After a hard past, the City operates through an integrated system called the Merit-System. Advanced technology allows each citizen to have a fully-synchronised Watch that tracks how much their activities, including work and play, contribute towards the good of society. The higher your merit-score, the better your living quarters, connections, venues you can visit and products you can buy. In this world, merit becomes more important than money (‘credit’). A score is the public’s way of seeing how successful a person is, and it's important that the work towards the score never stops.  

If you do read the book, I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:


'Ajay often wondered where Tulo would be without the invention of SkipSleep. Back when people used to sleep more, progress was so much slower. Then after SkipSleep, the City just flew.'

Ajay Ambers is the perfect Tulo citizen. His climbing merit score, prestigious job, and his host of merit-making friends, all help him get closer to the Glorified Quarters - home to the most Worthy in Tulo. With a Glorified-born girlfriend at his side and a natural talent for technology, Ajay happily settles into the life of success and ambition, without the fear of becoming Unworthy.

However, as the true brutality of the system takes hold, will that fear ultimately destroy him?

A new dystopian book series, this novel explores themes of success, work and relationships in a society controlled by technology and the demonstrations of each person's worth.

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And if I’m completely honest, I have no idea where this is going to take me. I’ve started writing the next books in the series, so let’s see. I’m excited for the journey!

“I will praise the Lord with my whole heart.” Psalm 111:1