It's been a while since I wrote. There's been a lot going on from new jobs to new stories to new friends. Life as I know it, currently, is all new.

I thought it was worth an update and an encouragement from me. So, what's been going on in the world of L.G. Jenkins Books?

New Jobs

So while  I left my old job to write 'full-time', it turns out, that's not what I'm doing. As well as concentrating more time on my writing, I've been working at my local church for a few hours a week. I've loved it. Not only have I been using the marketing skills to improve their media but I've also been involved in some ministry too. It's exciting to see God moving in the lives of people in our church and in churches across the country. I recently attended a leadership conference in Harrogate and it blew me away.

Alongside the church job, I'm also a freelance editor! I've been working with a couple of publishers and their authors to improve both fictional and non-fictional pieces. This has been a fantastic blessing because not only am I building relationships and encouraging others, but it helps to improve my own writing too.

New Stories (and 'old' ones too)

How many new stories ideas do I have? Oh I don't know, like a hundred. It's been a bit ridiculous. Things keep popping into my head. Whether any of my new ideas are viable is yet to be seen. Well, there are a few exceptions, you should watch this space as some new bits are coming soon. But I think having more time to let my brain wander is giving it the juice it needs to develop new ideas. I'm very thankful for that.

And don't worry, you loyal readers of The Merit-Hunters Series, book three is still a goer! It's taking me some time to perfect the last details, especially because book four will follow directly on. I am tempted, I'm sorry to say, to write at least the first draft of the fourth until I release the third. I've got to make sure to avoid any pesky continuity issues as the two books are so tightly linked!

New Friends (and 'old' ones too)

A fantastic thing that's happened is through my new ventures, I've made a load of new friends. Some through conferences, others through writer's groups and others through local connections.

Of course, though, I am thrilled to have been whizzing around the country and having many visitors to York. There's something quite special about sitting down with old friends and catching up. I'm so thankful for all the prayers, support and encouragement I've had from them since I took the leap.

New Perspectives

Wow. What can I say about new perspectives? If I'm honest, the biggest wake up call for me was last month. I went on a Writer's Retreat to West Wales with my publishing house. In the quiet of the countryside, I realised I had lost my belief in my writing. I'd lost confidence that the series actually had any legs, that I was even meeting my purpose in my writing, or that I was actually any good.

I'd had 'low' moments over the last few months and fundamentally, it was because I had lost belief. I had lost the focus I had at first.

When I first started the Merit-Hunters Series is about opening a conversation around young people, faith, self-worth and the working world. Skip forward three years and it had become ironically, about my own self-worth according to how 'well' they were or weren't performing. I think I need to remind myself of the lessons in my own books. Oh golly.

Any ho, that moment gave me a fresh perspective on my writing. That I should always focus on my 'why.'

Plus, with all the time I've spent with people, I now wholeheartedly believe that being with other people is just as important than getting your work out into the world.

I can't wait for what God has in store. I feel more confident than ever that He's guiding my steps.

Have happy days,

Lyds x