We've arrived in Vietnam! It's beautiful here and a real cultural experience. The weather wasn't great when we arrived but that's not stopping Stephen and I from getting stuck in. However, I want to momentarily return to Thailand as I promised some more details in my last blog.

You may be wondering about the title of this one. 'Get the little busey thing' is a phrase I invented and used A LOT over our week in Bangkok. Around the city, cars like this one (see picture of Stephen below) are called a Songthaew. It's basically a van with two benches on the back of it and people hop on and off and pay just 10 Thai Baht for the experience. Anyway, this was our main mode of transport around East Bangkok. Unfortunately both my memory and my linguistic abilities meant I could never remember what they were called - hence, they will now forever be known as 'the little busey things.'

So we got many of these over the week and on one particular occasion, we got too big for our boots. Stephen and I managed to get the wrong busey thing down the wrong road. Fools. Anyway, we got off when we realised we were lost and wandered into the local supermarket. As I walked through the automatic doors, I thought to myself 'this is annoying, we've missed it here' but then I felt a real sense from God that I was supposed to be in that shop. So I responded obediently - 'Ok, let's see what happens.' Then I made eye contact with a lady and we started chatting. It was an American woman called Kara and then her friend, Mekina. It turned out they were missionaries with the christian organisation YWAM and were staying ten minutes from us. I know, crazy! We bumped into them at the park the next day too.

This then led to a Friday morning coffee, a walk around the park and a truly encouraging prayer time with them.

It's safe to say I am thankful we got the wrong little busey thing that day. The experience reminded me of the verse in the bible which says that God works everything to the good of those who love him. And so I am learning more and more that my first focus should be to love him and then everything I need will be provided. Sometimes we might go in the wrong direction and have to turn back, but that's ok because his grace is sufficient and as long as our foundations are strong, we can be sure our paths will straighten out.

Oh, also (!!) Stephen spoke about foundations with a group of school children on Thursday. He talked about his career as a software engineer and did a little quiz for them. It was awesome and I wanted to share a picture with you of him in his element.

Having now been twice, Thailand and its people has taken up a special place in my heart and I strongly believe we'll be back.

Speak to you again, after I've had another helping of Vitanamese noodles.

Have happy days,

Lyds x