Stolen Crowns, the second in the Merit-Hunters Series is almost here. To help build the excitement, I thought I’d share what readers can expect from the novel so here it goes:

More of Tulo

One of the things readers loved about Crowned Worthy was its world-building and how they felt immersed in Tulo’s culture. Well, they’ll be more of that in Stolen Crowns. Not only does it serve as a reminder of how merit controls the citizens’ lives in almost every aspect, but it also offers some new details for readers to enjoy. Especially when it comes to the structure of Command and the lives of Glorified-born children (those who were born in the highest class of society.)

A Greater Understanding of Characters

In Stolen Crowns, I have really enjoyed delving deeper into the main characters’ personalities and motivations. I’m going to completely avoid spoilers here, but it has been fascinating to see characters grow in some ways but also be stuck in the same cycles they’ve encountered before.

I am particularly about Genni and how her opinions are challenged over the course of this novel. She finds herself in situations where she needs to question what she believes and why, and the impact on her as a person could be transformational. I’m looking forward to what readers feel about both Ajay and Genni after this second book, as unsurprisingly, neither was particularly liked in the first! Additionally, we also get the perspective from one of the other characters which are quite momentous and was so much fun to write.

New Settings

We get a glimpse of the Side, the part of society that is outcast for following what is called The Guiding Light, in Crowned Worthy, but this goes even further in the second novel. Through one of the characters, you can expect to understand more about their lifestyles and how it differs from that of the City, and why things aren’t as straightforward as what might have been implied by society. It was fantastic to explore this in more detail and I hope it answers some of the questions readers had about the community in the Side, but it may also invite more questions. Sorry, but it will be wrapped up in the end!

There is also a brand new setting so be prepared to explore a fresh part of Tulo.

New Characters

With a new setting inevitably comes a new batch of characters. You can expect to be very quickly introduced to them and you can explore their motivations in great detail, which has huge barings on the big picture of the whole story. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll stop talking, but there are some interesting people you’re about to meet!

A Map!

Finally, I’m so excited that Stolen Crowns also includes a map of Tulo! My very talented sister-in-law, Sarah, drew it to help to bring the world alive on the page. I hope readers enjoy seeing a little of how I imagined the world and it will help them feel even more immersed in the story.

Are you ready for number two? It’s not long to wait now. Pre-order yours today!