"Crowned worthy is a wonderful and exciting first book from a clearly talented young author. The gripping story had me hooked from the first few chapters and I loved following the characters development throughout the plot. I enjoyed how we got an insight into Ajay’s past which helped understand his journey...The concept of the watches and merit controlling their lives and ranking their importance was especially interesting, as it seemed to be mirroring the younger generation today in society, with social media and the need for followers and likes to feel important... Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read more from the author in the future." - Chloe

"Crowned Worthy is such an immersive and page-turning read! I’m so intrigued to watch the characters develop as they explore how their lives have meaning and worth in a merit-based society." - Charlotte

"Cannot wait for the second instalment to see where we will be taken. L.G. Jenkins paints the picture of a dystopian world which is scarily close to the trajectory of our own? A world of driving pressure, endless concern over perception, where an individual's worth is measured only in their contribution. A reliance on technology and the relegation of things that really matter. The impact on the young people are they make their way in this kind of world is carefully and painfully explored. Truly a great read. Lots of observational humour to lighten the load but the underlying message is unmistakeable." - John

"This is an excellent read and I would highly recommend. The world is inventive and subtly dark and I always like things that are a bit deceptive and not quite right but you’re not sure why - the comparison with Ishiguro here is a good one. The plotting is well-paced, I think. I’m not an expert but it kept me engaged, and there are enough twists and turns in the story to make it hard to put down. And the characters and the world are relatable; it’s as if this dystopian world could almost exist and you can see disturbing parallels with today’s world and the way we engage with it.

It’s difficult to do a review without giving spoilers - and that would definitely ruin it - but I would very much recommend and am really looking forward to the second in the series, especially after the ending!" - Rob, Amazon

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