We’re coming up to six months since Crowned Worthy was published!

I thought it was about time I put some of the characters in the spotlight. Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Ajay Ambers

Age: 25

Occupation: A software engineer at Prosper, Tulo’s most successful bank.

Personality: I’ll be honest. He can be an idiot. He’s often arrogant and judgemental but he also has a compassionate and charming side. These conflicting sides of his character allude to something that isn’t quite right about him at the start of the novel.

Fun fact: He is very fond of his Grandma, and always remembers her stories, including one where a midwife fed her plants with placentas.

Reviewer’s Opinion: The central character, Ajay, is flawed but likeable and provides a view on the world that really gets you thinking. - @vickysbookishlife, Instagram

Genni Mansald

Age: 24

Occupation: A analyst at the Beauty Dome, the main cosmetics manufacturer

Personality: Bubbly, confident but can be over-sensitive to other’s opinions. Like everyone though, she is just trying to make enough merit to survive, often to the detriment of herself.

Fun fact: She once had a maid who introduced her to the concept of a novel, something that took longer than 10 minutes to read.

Ace Bowen

Age: 26

Occupation: Technician/Strategist at Prosper, Tulo’s most successful bank

Personality: Confident, a loyal friend but can be self-centered. He doesn’t like commitment as far as relationships go and is very health-conscious. You’d often find him at the gym if he wasn’t at work.

Fun fact: He rarely goes outside without a hat on his head. It’s hot in Tulo and Ace is convinced he will always get sunstroke.

Pearl Pedro

Age: 25

Occupation: Social influencer, her main channel for engagement is Personi

Personality: Meticulous, demanding and empowered. Pearl is very good at what she does and is definitely someone you’d want on your side.

Fun fact: She doesn’t eat apples but has them in her office, just for show.

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