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A Dystopian Short Story

To celebrate, I thought I'd explain why I wrote this story and the inspiration behind it.

The Swell is a story that has grown close to my heart. It was written during a time of transition for me from paid employment to going it alone as a full-time writer and editor. During this time, I have had more space to learn my craft and challenge myself to think beyond my perspective and experience. Having travelled the world and met different people, I’ve realised that lives can be miles apart, not just in distance, but in attitudes, possessions, and opportunities. As a Western person, I have had more opportunities than most of those I met in Southeast Asia and yet, they taught me a valuable lesson in how to live well, whatever the circumstances.

It wasn’t long after my husband and I returned from our travels that I read the bible story in Luke 7:36-50 where the woman came and washed Jesus’ feet with her tears. The Pharisees shamed such an act, but Jesus rebuked them. That woman had a greater ability to love because she recognised how much she had been forgiven for.

‘But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.’ (Luke 7:47, NIV).

That verse hit me in the chest. I realised that when we fully recognise how much we have been forgiven for, and we live a life of thankfulness rather than one of grumbling, our ability to love then grows. When we look to love God, peace and joy can invade our every day in a fresh, exciting way. This only leads to loving others better: not a clichéd, romantic or superficial love dressed up for selfish motives, but one of sacrifice, joy and peace. This doesn’t mean we don’t fight against injustice, but that we can still love others deeply in the face of it. It was from that small line that The Swell developed and I hope you get as much from Jonathan’s experience as I have.

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