L. G. Jenkins

Lydia Jenkins grew up in a small suburb in Nottingham, England. She wasn’t a crazy reader as a child though Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl were repeated names on her bedroom bookshelf. Her love for reading and books really started when studying literature at A-level, delving deep into other writer’s imaginations and enjoying stories from almost every genre.

Her love relationship with books continued into student life when she studied Literature at The University of York. Then, reading became a bit laboursome, especially when she was asked to read Joyce’s Ulysses in a week. Following three years of study and a dissertation on the works of Olive Senior and Caribbean culture, Lydia started a career in marketing.

After being made redundant in June 2019, Lydia made the decision to start writing. It wasn’t a lifelong ambition but has become a real passion that she now finds enjoyable and fulfilling. Despite enjoying many genres, Lydia has recently been interested in abstract ideas about society and relationships, so she finds dystopian and advancing technology stories fascinating. Her and her husband, Stephen, have had long discussions about the concepts and thought-provoking ideas presented in Netflix’s Black Mirror and similar series, movies and books. It was from these themes, and Lydia’s own personal convictions as a young person transitioning into adult life that inspired the Merit-Hunter Series.

Crowned Worthy is the first in the series and is Lydia’s debut novel. Ajay Ambers and the other characters in these stories have taught Lydia some real life lessons and she hopes her readers will enjoy their journeys.

Lydia also plays netball and likes to stay active (when the country isn’t in lockdown!) She is also a committed Christian and attends a local church in York, England where she lives. Lydia’s faith has inspired and informed her writings, and she is thankful for how the love of Christ has worked in her life and in those around her. She has seen the evidence of how even in times of darkness, love never fails.

Excited for the future and what becoming an author looks like, Lydia is currently writing the second in the series and has other ideas for further works.

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